Alan Resnick Print Edition


Alan Resnick Print

  • 11″ x 17″
  • Edition of 25 (6 APs)
  • Archival Inkjet print
  • Each print in the edition has a unique lighting environment and background color.  The lighting is derived from found photos and applied to the figure.  Thumbnail of the original lighting environment is included.
  • Learn more about the process or view video work.
  • Contact sheet is available for selecting images.


Alan’s work focuses on the unseen technology that fuels Hollywood’s special effects industry. In the past 20 years, gigantic leaps have been made in computer graphics because of technologies developed for and by Hollywood. The end goal of these technologies is to create engaging photo-realistic images of monsters, fantasy landscapes, and exploding buildings. The behind-the-scenes processes used to create these images are often times more beautiful and fascinating than the actual final product. Alan’s work attempts to expose this unseen visual aesthetic, as it can reveal fundamental truths about the nature of seeing. This exploration is done with a focus on location, mood, character, and humor.

Alan Resnick is a new media artist living and working in Baltimore Maryland, and an active member of the Wham City artist collective. He has shown work, performed, lectured internationally, and created original content for WIRED and Adult Swim. Much of his work highlights the human desire to recreate itself through technology.

This edition was made in collaboration with Color Wheel Digital Printingfor the Base Period exhibit at Springsteen Gallery.

Documentation of the show and Alan’s videos can be viewed here.