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Print⁄Collect is an independent publication that showcases artists working in Baltimore by circulating a portfolio of limited edition prints. The project has a mission to bring an affordable collection of art into the home, to create an archive of print work for those present in the local creative community, and to introduce artists to an audience outside of the city in a portable publication format. The project encourages an audience curious about contemporary art who may not have considered owning art as something accessible. The prints are an introduction to the broader practice of the artists.  Along with the portfolio, a 64 page catalog was produced containing interviews and images of past work to provide context to the prints by exploring the artists’ background.

This project is a start-up, sponsored by a grant program whose stated goal is to Launch Artists in Baltimore. Half of the artists work in print and half work in a range of other mediums such as drawing, sculpture and performance. This project started as a series of conversations with individuals in Baltimore, people working in artist-run spaces, publishing art periodicals, and curating print projects. The artists featured in this series were developed from these conversations to present a cross section of emerging artists making strong work in Baltimore. These eight artists are a small representation of a vibrant community of artists active in the city. The proceeds from the sale of the publication will be split between funding the next edition of the publication, and given to the featured artists.


Colin Benjamin
John Bohl
James Bouché
Cindy Cheng
Graham Coreil-Allen
Chris Day
Andrew Liang
Molly Colleen O’Connell


Marcus Civin
Matthew Fishel
Max Guy
Jack Livingston
Cyle Metzger
Brian Nicholson
Conor Stechschulte


Jennifer Coster


Tony Venne


This project was generously supported by the LAB Grant, Canson Paper, and Red River Paper.

Special Thanks: Current Space, Color Wheel, Litho Shop, Baltimore Print Studios.